Digitized Invoices thanks to the FIRtech Digi-Doc Engine

Is your business also inundated with too many invoices from suppliers? A Client approached us with thousands of invoices from thousands of suppliers - FIRtech digitized, verified and made invoices ready for payment with minimal to zero human intervention

The Challenge

Most businesses receive most of their supplier invoices as physical paper or PDF documents.

Even with PDF documents they often print them out for review and approvals, then there’s a lengthy and tedious process of checking fields on paper/PDF against original purchase order and manually capturing all of the values on a computer system.

As it turns out, the human clerks have much more value they can add if they are not being used as PDF reading, keyboard entering machines…just copying values from invoices into a computer system.

How Digi-Doc Engine can help your Business

The FIRtech Digi-Doc Engine is a low code, cloud-based system built on the Microsoft platform that is easy to maintain.

New vendors and documents are easily trained by admin clerks and documents are stored as Sharepoint Online records. These records are also automatically loaded into your accounting or ERP system as invoice records and can also be loaded into your banking system for payment proposal.

Digi-Doc is able to read and interpret documents like humans do, and where it is not too confident it sends documents to humans for verification.

What FIRtech did

We used cloud based Digi-Doc Engine to access an automated mailbox. The system then reads emails and stores PDF together with metadata as sharepoint online records.

We use smart AI in Azure Cognitive for document recognition and digitisation. If a document is unrecognized it is sent to a Training Station so that in future – similar document types can be recognized.

If the document scan quality is not too great, all the fields that the system is unsure of are sent to a verification station for human review.

After this, the document is fully digitized and ready for loading into the ERP system.

The Result

With a FIRtech solution like this handling repetitive tasks, the human clerks only assist the system to recognize new vendors as a once-off exercise as well as verification of a few bad quality documents from time to time.

This leaves the human worker with much more free time to perform value-adding, interesting tasks.

Thousands of invoices, understood, digitized, loaded and paid (if valid)

Think about the time saved and “early payment discounts”…

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