Stock Management Issues? Influx of purchase requisitions?

Business stock issues are better managed using a FIRtech RPA Solution while a centralised procurement is only good if it can keep up with the demand of the network it is serving

The Challenge

In 2020, FIRtech received the opportunity to automate the purchase requisition process for a client, who came to us with this challenge:

“Our stores are running out of stock because our centralized procurement cannot keep up with the influx of Purchase Requisitions”.

What RPA can do for you

Robotic Process Automation strives to assist your staff in completing repetitive, rule-based tasks.

Keeping up with Purchase Requisitions from your network of stores is a perfect example of this.

Since RPA can complete rule-based tasks exactly like a human would, it is no problem to:

  • Read emails with purchase requisitions
  • Interpret what is being requested
  • Enter these as formal purchase orders on your ordering system
  • Confirm to your central procurement and the store that their order has been processed

What FIRtech did

We introduced the Procurement team to their Personal RPA Robot, which is trained to ingest Purchase Requisitions in a standardized format. The Robot will be programmed to simulate the capturing of a purchase requisition into the ERP Solution of choice.

The FIRtech software bot is trained to read the designated drop-off location for “input-data” and capture this data accordingly in SAP.

Once Complete, the Robot will attach the necessary required documentation to the successfully created Purchase Order.

The Robot is also trained to notify any specified personnel as to the current status of the requested Purchase Requisition.

The Result

By incorporating the Central Procurement team’s business process knowledge with RPA technology, we can create business rules and a firm Robotic Process Automation that will help the client meet their Purchase Order Service Level Agreements.

This FIRtech solution reduces the number of errors in the current manual processing method, whilst increasing efficiency.

The Solution leaves the humans workers with much more free time to perform more high cognitive thinking tasks with regards to Finance Workflow innovation.

Through our experienced team and our partner network we help you shape and implement facets of your digitalisation strategy

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